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Dark Signal poster

Dark Signal

Events of the movie transfer us to the valley Welsh where radio the DJ Laurie spends the last hours. Quite recently its radio station was redeemed by a large brand which is going to pass to a digital format of a broadcasting therefore makes the decision on reduction – all stations of a local broadcasting will be closed. For obvious reasons, it afflicts Laurie and her workmate – the technician Ben. Heroes want "to recover" somehow the show finally therefore invite for performance in evening air of the female medium, capable to communicate with the dead. During conversation the invited psychic Carla managed to come into contact with the lost girl long ago.

When presenter understand, how exclusive events occur in studio, they immediately let out everything in air. Meanwhile on other end of the city single mother Kate together with the boyfriend Nick plunder the house of the successful football player. Initially the girl was against this invention, but the athlete owes Nick the huge sum of money, besides the heroine of the movie "Dark Signal" should operate the car only. When in the car the wave of that radio station which will be closed soon joins, the strange events convincing Kate start occurring that it is in danger …

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