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The Ghost Writer

Interestingly, and how successful public figures besides the direct duties are in time also to write thick autobiographies, showing on their pages quite quite good literary abilities? Everything is very simple: these books write for them so-called "ghosts" – the writers who are preferring to wide popularity stable and quite good earnings and not applying for authorship of the works. One of such ghosts – the main character to whom very strange offer of work arrived. The former prime minister of Britain plans to publish shortly the book, and he urgently needs the writer.

Generally, material is already built, and even the draft version of the manuscript is ready and only the previous ghost working for the ex-prime minister was lost as a result of accident, without having finished the book. Having hardly agreed to work over someone else's text, the main character goes on the island in New England where there lives the politician and the manuscript is stored.

Soon after arrival to the place of work the ghost understands that better it wouldn't undertake this business at all: his predecessor was lost under ominous circumstances, the manuscript is bad and demands serious work, and the ex-prime minister's environment every hour seems all weird.

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