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Get Him to the Greek

Aaron Green – the young employee of Musical corporation to whom charge very responsible task. The director reports that Aldus Snow , the real star of the present, in three days has to appear at an anniversary concert in Los Angeles, and has to track it who other, as Aaron. It isn't so simple to make it. First, Aldus Snovu lives in London and isn't eager to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Secondly, its latest album failed, and now the rock star fills in the grief and the deepest personal crisis with plentiful portions of alcohol. Thirdly, the girl Aldusa, the singer by the name of Jackie Cue, isn't eager to help the young man at all and prefers to his society noisy parties. And as at Aaron in the relations with his girl just the same problems, determination at any cost to bring Aldus in the USA are observed thaws every second before desire to keep a rock star the company in a powerful hellbender. Aaron managed to pull out Snow from the house, and they after all went to the USA, but whether they will reach Los Angeles, it isn't known yet.

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