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The Social Network

In the movie the story of creation of the social network Facebook which surpassed all other similar development in popularity is told. Mark Zuckerberg was the genius and the student of Harvard who isn't always skillful to find a common language with people around, but perfectly coped with a computer code. After it was left by the girl, Mark hacked base of students of university and suddenly became popular among other pupils.

Special attention to it was paid by Uinklvossa's twins who planned to create own social network – on their plan, this network have to was work in university and to be in a sense elite club. Mark Zuckerberg who became a programmer for Uinklvossov , decided to perform this task in own way. When its development became popular and started bringing a big banknote, the former friends began to fight with each other for the right to be considered as founders of the network which received the name Facebook.

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