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The movie begins in the year 2002, where a softWare engineer Alan Russell along with his wife Marie and two children Kaylie and Tim, moves to a new house. They live a happy life until Alan brings an antique mirror to decorate the office. They find the mirror attractive, but they do not know that the mirror has supernatural powers that induces hallucinations in people. The mirror begins to show its effects, it induces hallucinations in both Marie and Alan.

Marie finds that her body is decaying and she begins to go mad over this, while Alan is seduced by a woman. Both the adults become psychotic and they begin to isolate themselves. The parents engage in fights frequently and the strange behavior of the parents disturbs the children. The hallucinations take the two adults to such a level where they try to kill their children and end up losing their lives. Tim is taken into custody for killing Alan and the siblings promise each other to reunite as adults and destroy the mirror that has ruined their lives.

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