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All I See Is You

In the center of the plot of the film "All I See Is You" is Gina, a woman, because vision is still in early childhood as a result of a tragic accident. Despite the difficult situation, she resigned and was able to start a life of affliction with a clean slate. Gina met her love and become happy. Blindness does not become an obstacle to family life.

At the reception at the doctor she learns that recently appeared totally new treatment methods. The doctor assures her that she has an opportunity to begin to see. Gina did not want to miss this opportunity. Beloved pays her operation and rehabilitation course. A few weeks later, Gina takes off the bandages, and reveals the world in all its splendor. The heroine seeks to discover what had been denied earlier. However, the sight awakens in her a strong stream of passion. Spouse, seeing this, becomes jealous. He is ready for anything, just return the family to the old look. He liked her dependence on him.

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